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Train with me online or in person to start feeling fitter.

I take a very straight forward and personal approach to the clients I train with. You don’t need a gym, there are no complicated diets and crucially, you do not need a lot of time!

We all have such busy lives and finding hours every day to work-out and prepare complex meals is just not possible for many of us. Working with hundreds of women over the years has shown me that amazing results are possible and it only needs a couple of hours a week to get there if you really want it.

This is the approach I take with my fitness and one that I want to share with you if you are truly ready to get started.

I think you are the best PT I have ever encountered.
— Marian


For me exercising and eating well is not about having a ‘perfect’ figure that looks great on social media posts, but about feeling fit, strong and healthy.

I used to work in the corporate world, but I was always into fitness and even as a child I would get up to run up the local hills before school started. In 2014 I decided that to make the change into full time fitness and I retrained as a personal trainer. Following that I studied as a nutrition coach and in 2017 became qualified in Stroke Rehabilitation Fitness. Since starting out as a PT, I have worked with 100s of clients in person and online to help them reach their fitness goals.

Being outdoors is what I particular love. Hiking, trail running, obstacle course races are what I enjoy in my spare time, as well as running (literally!) Edinburgh Run Tours. It’s not about burning calories, it’s about doing what I love and reaping the benefits.

Contact me today if you have any questions and sign up to my newsletter below for fortnightly fitness inspiration.

  • REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer

  • EIF Master Trainer

  • Body Type Nutrition Coach

  • Stroke Rehabilitation Fitness Certified (ARNI - Action for the Rehabilitation of Neurological Injury & Middlesex University)


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