Doctors in Scotland prescribing nature to their patients

The health initiative in this article, rolled out in Shetland is exactly the type of news I love reading about. Since October 5, doctors in Shetland have been authorised to prescribe ‘nature’ to their patients. This means getting out in the fresh air regularly, moving more, getting more vitamin D and generally taking time for yourself.

We know that being outside is of course physically beneficial, but it’s also mentally beneficial as we get away from the stresses of daily life, let our mind have some breathing space and do something different from our daily routine. It’s also a chance for us all to engage in nature and the landscape around us.

A lot of my day is spent outside which I love; PT in the park, bootcamps at Bruntsfield Links, running club and organising run tours in Edinburgh. Even as winter hits us, I still prefer to be wrapped up warm and outside, than inside.

Often, new clients don’t even think about training outside and it’s not until we have a session in the park that they realise how exhilarating exercising outside makes you feel. It’s a very different feeling than working out inside and it’s definitely worth a try.

If you would like to experience an outdoor workout, then why not come along to a bootcamp, or have a chat with me about personal training and experience all the benefits an outdoor workout will bring you.