Mindful eating with the Mindfulchef

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One thing new clients say a lot when they start with me, is that they find it difficult to find the time to prepare healthy meals. I understand, by the time I have finished PT or running club in the evening, I just want something very quick and easy.

My whole ethos revolves around the idea that you do not need a lot of time to exercise and get results and the same thing applies to food. There are many meals you can cook very quickly and easily that are healthy and nutritionally well balanced (if you need ideas just ask!).

However, if someone was to do the cooking for me I certainly would not mind! So when MindfulChef asked if I want a free meal box for a week, I of course said yes. Yes I got 4 dinners free, but this is an honest view and so you know, I am still getting them (2 dinners a week) and now paying for the service as I liked it so much!

There are a few meal box companies out there and I have been approached before but had not said yes, MC appealed to me because:

1.       Their suppliers are top notch and the quality of the fresh ingredients is amazing. I was so impressed by this.

2.       The meals can all be made in 25 – 30 minutes. I set my timer when preparing them all and you can see me cooking the lemongrass trout and West African chicken stew and just how easy it was. You also get an easy to follow recipe card that tells you calories too.

3.       The recipes are so interesting and you can choose from a range of meat based, vegetarian or vegan options. New recipes get added each week and you can give feedback on what you liked or didn’t like about them

4.       For every dinner I buy, they donate 1 dinner to a child

5.       They do a returns service where you can send back all your packaging to be recycled.

Below are 4 of the recipes I have made and loved. I also made the West African Chicken Stew but I was not keen on this one. It needed a lot longer to ‘stew’ and I ended up adding in a lot more stock (I gave them my feedback and they replied to it). I also ordered the Mediterranean cod stew but ran out of evenings to make it, so the fish ended up in the freezer and the veg was amalgamated into another meal.

Would I recommend them? Yes I would.

If you are short on time, or just can’t be bothered to cook healthy meals then they are for you. Yes they come at a cost, but when I worked it out, the cost was very similar to what I usually spend at the supermarket on fresh ingredients and good quality meat. Yes it is a luxury and I am not sure how well it would work if you are cooking for the whole family, but for me it’s a really great option and one I would recommend to my clients if they are struggling with their meal prep.

Enter code PL6VZE at www.mindfulchef.com for £20 off your first order.