Why I lift weights and why you should too

When I mention to potential clients about lifting weights it can seem like a scary and inaccessible thing that conjures up images of giant bulging muscles and hours spent in the gym. Think Arni, back in the day.

But lifting weights; such as handheld weights and Kettlebells should be an integral part of any exercise regime, especially for us women.

I get weights into my weekly routine at least twice a week, if not more depending on how much running I am doing (I will definitely be doing a blog on why runners especially should be lifting!). I don't use a gym very often, I have most of the equipment I want to use in my flat, plus there is always body weight training and using a suspension trainer. Most of my weight workouts are 20 - 30 minutes, which is short, but I make sure that I am challenged physically the whole time as that is what makes changes to your body happen!

Here is why I think lifting weights is so awesome for you:

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1. They help build up muscle, so you can get that ‘toned’ look you want. You can’t do this by cardio alone. You need to be challenging your muscles to change. (you will not look ‘bulky’ unless you are doing seriously heavy weights A LOT and even then as a woman, we do not have the hormones like men do, to get that extreme muscle look).

2. Lifting weights helps increase our metabolism which means more calories burnt! If you have been on lots of diets over the years then your metabolism is likely to be slower and so starting some weight work can be a great way of kick- starting into action again.

3. The more muscle you have, the more fat you burn! Muscles use up a lot of energy, so the more muscle we have in our body and the less fat, the more calories we burn without doing anything and the quicker we go through our fat stores. Adding weights into your exercise routine is one of the most effective ways to lose weight and shape up quickly!

4. Lifting weights helps us build bone and joint strength (as long as it is done correctly). This is essential for later in life when the menopause hits and our bone density starts to decrease. It has been shown that lifting weights helps reduce the risk of arthritis and osteoporosis.

5. Stress alleviation! Lifting weights, however small, gives you a real high and sense of achievement. If I am feeling a bit 'bleurgh!', I just need to pick up some weights and start working out for 5 minutes, to start feeling better about myself already. 

 Let me know your thoughts on this and if you lift weights as part of your fitness routine. How do they make you feel? If you are unsure of what you should be doing with weights then I can help you. Contact me and we can have a chat.

Happy Lifting! x